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Our Guarantee
Our Guarantee
guarantee badgeOur goal at is to provide you with the very best seafood the world has to offer. We take great care in sourcing, preparing, and packaging your product so you have an awesome seafood experience. The vast majority of the time we achieve this initiative.
However, the nature of working thru a 3rd party carrier and delivering perishable product across the country to customers creates some unique challenges at times. In the event that something goes wrong here's what you can expect from us to make it right:
Package doesn't arrive on the requested day due to Fedex or error - We'll refund your money or replace your package, whichever you prefer.
Package doesn't arrive on the requested day due to weather delay - We'll replace the package or issue a gift certificate which can be used later towards another order, whichever you prefer.
Because Fedex will not cover claims on weather delays, we aren't able to offer refunds on delayed product that's deemed weather-related. But, again, we will make sure you get your money's worth in the form of a gift certificate or a replacement box so you're not out of pocket.
Please note that the delays don't always occur in the destination city. Sometimes customers are affected by a weather delay when there's nothing inclement in their area. Delayed flights and trucks in cities along the way can disrupt the service just as much as a snowstorm in the destination city.
We rely on Fedex scans to advise us if delays are related to weather. Weather delays don't happen often but they do occur. Fedex does a fantastic job of pushing thru rain, sleet, snow, etc and typically can fight thru most storms unless it's simply not safe to do so.
Package arrives on time but there's an issue with the product - Due to the perishability of our seafood, all problems must be reported within 48 hours of receipt, in case a return is warranted. Contact information can be found here, Contact Us.
If there is an issue with your product, depending upon the circumstances we may decide to take any of the following actions:
  • Replace the product with another shipment.
  • Issue a store credit for the product that can be redeemed on any subsequent order.
  • Refund the charge for the product, or ask you to return the product for a full refund or replacement.
You also have the choice of returning any product within 48 hours to get a full refund issued. Our goal throughout the process will be to ensure that you end up with a usable, premium seafood product so that your money is well spent when you shop at
Please note that if a return is necessary, we are unable to offer return freight service. In most cases, you do have the option of just using the most economical method to get the items back to us. If we choose to issue a store credit to remedy your issue, the store credit is only redeemable for the original product ordered. In other words, substitutions are not allowed.
With over 99% of orders arriving issue-free, it is our hope that none of the above remedies ever applies for you. We look forward to giving you a first-class seafood experience. Enjoy.
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